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The most common method of preparation is the Traditional Chinese Method. In TCM, new mothers need to consume only warming foods and avoid raw foods. For this reason, the placenta is first steamed with ginger, peppers and lemon (these are not encapsulated with the placenta, though). Afterwards, it is sliced thinly and dehydrated overnight. The dehydrated slices are then powdered and placed into vegetarian capsules.


Another option is the Raw method. Food is considered “cooked” at 118˚, so the placenta is washed well, sliced thinly and dehydrated at 115˚ for many hours. Then it is powdered and placed into capsules. Women report that this method of preparation creates capsules with a ZING! effect. However, the raw method capsules do not last as many years as the TCM prepared capsules. These will likely last no more than 2 years, frozen.

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Some women are not sure which method may be right for them.  In this case, I offer to perform both methods – Traditional Chinese Medicine and Raw Method.  The placenta is divided into two equal portions for this.




A tincture is an alcohol base infused with a special portion of the placenta.  This is a great way to lengthen the shelf-life and effects of placenta medicine.  Because the placenta is infused raw, this tincture brings more of an energetic boost.  Many women who opt for the Traditional Chinese Medicine method, which has a warming effect on the body (and which most women need immediately after birth) can gain the benefits later in their postpartum period from a tincture.  3-5 drops can be placed in a glass of water or directly onto the tongue.  Tincture comes in a 1 oz. dropper bottle.



Because I am able to process both placentas (or one large one) from one mother, there is no need to sterilize between processes.  There is no extra charge for twins.