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Chicago Placenta Services is owned and managed by Holly Barhamand. She has been a doula and childbirth educator since 2006. She began Placenta Encapsulation in 2010 and has processed over 600 placentas in that time.

Her words about her own experience:

After the birth of my first child, I experienced Postpartum Depression. This was characterized by intense mood swings, a feeling of hopelessness and inertia, and images of horrible things happening to my baby. The anxiety and defeat kept me trapped in my home, terrified of taking my baby outside. The cloud lifted after a few months, when I realized what I’d been living with was not a normal “adjustment” to new parenthood but truly a sort of depression. In my next pregnancy I determined to do what I could to have a more pleasant postpartum period.

So I made a smoothie out of my placenta.

Yeeeesh, did I have a hard time getting that down every day! Many days I had to chug the first half before my gag reflex took over. Palatable or not, I noticed an IMMENSE difference in my moods. I felt stable, confident and relaxed. I was not overwhelmed by dark emotions or that sense of foreboding. I was convinced that using my placenta in this way helped my body and brain adjust to the rapid, major changes of the postpartum hormone plummet. So after birthing my third child, I held my nose and made more smoothies.  And once again I experienced no depression or anxiety.

Many women desire to experience these benefits but can not stomach the idea of consuming a placenta smoothie.  Many of these women are my clients.  Due to demand, I began to offer the service of placenta encapsulation first to my clients, but now to anyone who is interested.

It’s a simple registration process to get signed up for the same benefits.

You can find more about her other services at kickassbirth.com